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September 16, 2021


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Every dollar counts when you are spending for recreational activities. It is easier to justify spending for food and other essentials but devoting money for vices has to be tempered. This is especially true for people who smoke tobacco products every day. If you go through one pack a day, then you may have to spend hundreds of dollars a month and thousands in a year. This is a small fortune that could have been used in more productive endeavors. Many have switched over to electronic cigarettes to save money while keeping their habit intact. It is a simple change that leads to significant savings in a lot of ways.

Health Care Costs

Countless studies have resulted in conclusive evidence that tobacco smoking is bad for our health. It is a link to multiple respiratory ailments as well as the development of other chronic conditions. By smoking a lot every day, you increase your risk of having lung cancer down the road. This will be extremely difficult and expensive to treat even at the earliest stages. This is a serious matter as the worst cases are fatal. Just the inconvenience of having a bad set of lungs will weigh down on you as you go through life. You will be physically limited and have a less than ideal quality of life. E-cigs are less harmful so you avoid these problems.

Tax Perks

The switch also lets you enjoy some tax perks. Many of the governments around the world recognize the health risk posed by smoking on their citizens and have passed laws to discourage use. This often comes in the form of heavy taxes either from importation or from sales. The cost often doubles or triples because of these laws. E-cigs are not taxed as much such that the actual cost of consumption is lower than tobacco. This alone provides a great deal of savings, especially for frequent users. There is no need to cringe every time you have to pay for a pack because the prices are reasonable.

Buy in Bulk

Another way to lower the costs even further is to buy things in bulk. This is a classic strategy used by shoppers in supermarkets and it is applicable to virtually any product type. If you are interested in purchasing your first device, try to reach out to your friends and ask them if they have the same thing in mind. Maybe you could all make the purchase as a single order and get discounts for getting a lot of items. Aside from the e-cig itself, you could do the same for the batteries as well. These come in standard sizes so compatibility in not an issue. Just store them and take out one when you need to. You can also sell the excess to your friends.

Opt for Liquids

There are two ways to refill your electronic cigarette. One is by using a disposable cartridge and the other is by getting liquid juice. The first one is often recommended for beginners, as it is easier to use and can come with a complete kit for convenience. However, it is a bit more expensive than the latter. You are also limited with your options as you have to get compatible cartridges for replacement. Once you have gotten the hang of vaping, you could try to switch to liquids which are almost half the price of cartridges. There is also a wider range of flavors to choose from with no compatibility concerns.

Use Coupons

Coupons are not just for your groceries. There are several ones being made available by vaping stores everywhere. Just look around online and you are sure to find some that you can use on your next purchase. Enjoy a great deal of savings from discount codes and other promos. It is definitely a nice way to reduce your expenses and possible buy a little more than you could have had otherwise. You could also channel the savings into something more pressing like unpaid bills. Check out Vaporfi promo code announcements on their website. Look for South Beach Smoke shop coupons as well as they have an extensive collection of vaping products that will probably pique your interest.

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