The Peerless Theatre is pleased to introduce P.E.R.K. cards (Peerless Easy Rewards Klub)!

The Peerless Theatre, in cooperation with our software provider, is very excited to introduce a new program that will reward you for your faithful support of your local theatre! This new program does not replace our gift cards (which we hope you already take advantage of!), but rather augments the abilities of you as patrons (and we as your host!) to receive ongoing benefits from your patronage.

The tiers listed here outline the different levels that you may participate in. One of the primary goals of the program is for you to ensure your place in the theatre by purchasing your tickets ahead of time on our website.

Once enrolled, you have priority access to the offers that this program initiates for movie ticket purchases! This is accomplished by granting you access through your individually created login and particular tier that you’ve chosen to enroll in.

To enroll, we’ll ask you for some basic information and then create your membership, based on your requests for enrollment. As a P.E.R.K. member, you can either present your card at the box office (that will be the quickest way to access concessions discounts, should you participate in those tiers) or we can look you up by searching a few letters of either your name or email address! After that, your savings and rewards begin!

 Now, your options!

Friend Tier carries an annual fee of $10.00 Card holder will receive the same benefit that we now offer through the program of presenting six differently titled tickets for a free movie on your seventh visit. This is accomplished by creating tickets that only card holders have access to that are $1.00 less, for regularly priced features. We will continue to honor both programs for a period of time.

 Patron Tier, annual fee of $50.00 Card holder will receive Friend benefit, tier will also entitle member to 10% discount on entire concessions order!

 Supporter Tier, annual fee of $250.00 Tier will entitle card holder to 50% discount on regularly priced feature tickets. Tier also includes 10% discount on entire concessions order.

 Executive Tier, annual fee of $500.00 Card holder will receive two free movie passes each visit, additional members in their party will receive Supporter Tier benefit of 50% reduction on regularly priced admissions. 10% discount will apply to concessions purchases.


Interested? return to the homepage where you’ll find links to the enrollment page! Once enrolled, you’ll start saving the very next time you visit the Peerless! 

Thanks for enrolling, now you’ll start saving the very next time you visit the Peerless!