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September 16, 2021


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The escalating costs of all goods, including that of electronic cigarettes, have impacted people immensely, especially, when one considers that their earnings have remained static. People typically choose e-cigs as it protects them and their family members from health problems caused by the thousands of toxic chemical compounds present in the smoke of traditional cigarettes. Even though the costs of e-cigs are comparatively lower than the traditional cigarettes, users are always looking for better bargains for purchasing accessories like e-juice cartridges, rechargeable batteries, etc. Chances are that these individuals have not heard about coupon codes. These codes provide special discounts to the purchaser by providing him with a special discount on the list prices of electronic cigarettes and its accessories when purchased from specific stores.

Where to find such coupons
Regular users of the internet never face any problems in finding discount coupons. However, it is a nightmare for those who do not know how to search online properly or do not have any idea about discount codes and how to implement them to get the best bargains. On many occasions, people attempt to use discount codes but get a message stating `this is not a valid coupon’ and find that that the discount is not reflecting on their online shopping cart. Chances are bright that either they have applied a wrong code or the validity of the same has expired. This article will help the latter group of people to make their e-cig smoking experience better by providing them with more value for their money. Visiting the vendors of e-cigs is undoubtedly the best method for finding genuine and valid discount coupons. The owner of the website offer special discounts on the brands e-cigs they promote. Readers will be surprised to know that v2cigs, a leading online store that provides everything related to e-cigs such as disposables, starter kits, accessories, batteries, e-liquids, and cartridges, is currently offering 50% discount on some of their products.

A unique trick for first-time visitors
Here is a special trick for individuals who have never purchased any e-cig related products from v2cigs before. They should log on to their website and remove their mouse cursor away from their page. They will see a popup offering them a flat discount of 20% on their first order. Smart individuals try to take this opportunity to club coupon codes of v2cigs from a different online portal in the hope of maximizing the discount. However, this will not work as the fine print on the website clearly, states that visitors cannot combine this discount with other offers. Apart from this, this discount does not apply to items on their sales page.

Sign up for newsletters
Vapor Beast is another leading online store offering a wide range of different varieties of e-cigs and its accessories. Unfortunately, they do not display any special offer on their landing page when visitors remove their cursor from it. However, their deals section offers products at highly discounted prices. V2cigs also offers visitors an option to sign up for their newsletter. This provides visitors with an option to receive the best deals, including discount coupons, direct via email as soon as the deals are available. E-cig aficionados can also sign up for third party newsletters or become a member of sites offering e-cig coupon codes. These sites have tie-ups with leading sites promoting e-cigs, which allows them to offer special coupon codes to their members. You should not shun this opportunity as they provide much more codes than that offered by the vendor’s website.

Using the code
Individuals, who have received a Vape World coupon code, and want to use it, should first visit their website, purchase items on which discounts are being offered, and proceed to checkout. They will find a text mentioning `do you have a coupon code?’ They should copy the code and paste it in the blank field below the text, and click on the `apply’ button. If they have used a valid coupon, they will see a message stating `coupon applied successfully,’ and will notice a reduction in the overall price of their purchase. They can then complete the payment process. One should always visit sites offering discount codes and check their emails for newsletters pertaining to electronic cigarettes to remain updated about the best discounts on e-cigs and its accessories.

The Peerless Theatre Has a New Look

September 10, 2021


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After years of the Peerless Theatre website holding on to the same design, it has been decided to create a new look and feel to what’s going on here. And at this point, the crew is also putting their collective heads together to determine a new direction for the blog.

So many things have changed over the last year or so, and that means that companies need to change with the times as well. It’s time to step back for just a bit and take a few deep breaths and decide on the answer to the question: “What’s next for us?”

While those involved with all the projects discuss the future direction, just know that new and fresh content is bond for these pages in the near future. Thanks for sticking with us!

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